Plant the seed of financial well-being

Plant the seed of financial well-being


Alex Financial Planner Ottawa

Alex Hadjisophocleous, CFP, CFA, MBA

A fee-only financial planner with over a decade of education and experience in the finance industry, Alex has helped over 100 clients across the country with their financial planning needs. With a strong financial background, Alex clearly communicates his evidence-based recommendations and ensures that his clients have the right tools and knowledge to take action and fuel their dreams.

“My role as a financial planner is to help you understand your financial situation by building a holistic plan that will align your financial decisions with your goals. I will work in your best interest when providing my recommendations to ensure that you are making the right financial choices for you and your family. When working together, I will encourage your questions to ensure that you understand your financial plan so that you can implement my recommendations with confidence.”

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