How to find the Best Fee-only Financial Planner?

If you are looking for the best fee-only financial planner, then following these tips will help you find the right fit for you. It’s crucial that your certified financial planner and you are on the same page, so make sure to follow these tips and you can set yourself up for a bright financial future.

If you want to have maximum success in your financial life, then finding a good financial planner that understands your goals and can provide the services you need to achieve them is a great first step. However, it can be tough to know who the best fee-only financial planner is if you have never worked with a financial planner and don’t know where to start. Here are some of the steps that you should take when you are thinking of finding a Certified Financial Planner® to help with your finances.

Decide which services you want

Next, you will need to decide which products and services are important to you. For most, general investing and savings are the goals. However, it will change from person to person. Evaluate what your goals are and then as your financial advisor what solutions would be best for you. With a fee-only financial planner you will maintain control of your account through self-directed accounts and receive help to build the right low-cost investment strategy for you.

Assess affordability and fees

You’ll also want to determine what the fees and associated costs are of working with a financial advisory. It’s very important to pay close attention to this aspect of the process because it will affect your long-term financial well-being. Make sure that you are very familiar with all the associated fees of working with your fee-only financial planner and that it won’t interfere with any of your long-term financial goals. Failure to do so could get you stuck in a contract with high fees that you can’t get out of.



It important to make sure that your financial advisor in Ottawa has financial designations (such as the CFP® certification and CFA® designation) to ensure that they have your best interest in mind. Financial planners with a Chartered Financial Analyst® or Certified Financial Planner® must follow code of ethics and keep up to date with their education to maintain their designation.


Do your research

Finally, it is important that you do your research. When looking for a financial planner in Ottawa or any other location, make sure that you read reviews, talk to their staff members, and ask if any of your friends of family members have used them. Doing your research will help you to decide whether the financial planner aligns with you and your way of looking at your finances. It is also always nice to use someone that has strong Google reviews and happy long-term clients.


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